Orthodontic Care

Orthodontic Care in Downey California

Please call our office if you have an orthodontic emergency. Below are some potential problems and what you can do to make yourself comfortable.

Irritation on Cheeks or Gums

When you first get your braces, the cheeks and gums have to get used to them. Rinsing with warm saltwater can help make things feel better and help any irritations heal. Also, a dab of Orajel can help. Placing wax on the brace or wire that is rubbing can help cushion things and speed up the healing process.

Tooth Soreness

Your teeth will be sore, typically, three to five days after an adjustment. You can use an over-the-counter pain reliever that you normally use for a headache or similar discomfort.

Loose Brace

If a brace is loose and still attached to the wire, wax can help hold it in place until you come in to have it repaired. If the brace comes completely off, please save it and bring it in to your next appointment.

Wire Sticking Out or Sharp

If a wire starts to poke your cheek or gum, dry the wire and brace well and place wax to cushion it, or you may clip off the wire with a clean nail clipper. Call the office to schedule an appointment to have it repaired.

Lost or Broken Retainer

If your retainer is lost or broken, please contact our office immediately, as teeth can begin shifting right away.