Eating Habits

Eating Habits

By actively taking part in your treatment, you, your orthodontist and the office staff will develop a mutual confidence, and together you’ll advance step-by-step towards your ultimate goal…a healthy, beautiful smile.

Foods to avoid

Braces are delicate and easily damaged, so what you eat becomes especially important in caring for your braces. Chewing ice, for example, can cause breakage. Foods or beverages that are acidic or have a high sugar content can cause permanent staining or cavities.

Here are some examples of foods that should be avoided:

Sticky Foods

Taffy, chewing gum, caramels

Hard Foods

Hard candy, popcorn, nuts, pizza crust

High sugar content

Soda, candy, lemons

It is important to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet, including plenty of fruits and vegetables. Even if some foods are hard and crunchy — an apple, for instance — you can cut them into small pieces. Also remember, unless you can brush immediately afterwards, sugary foods and drinks should be avoided.

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